2086 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Yorhel ababd07157 js/filters: Fix hidden tag/trait selection on tab switch 3 months ago
  Yorhel 2586f9c786 DB::Chars: Fix SQL operator precedence bug in search filter 3 months ago
  Yorhel d46eeec63a Increase maximum post board length 3 months ago
  Yorhel e191cf8473 Handler::Chars: Retain filters when switching initial character 3 months ago
  Yorhel 6bc0d553bb Fix "make" after removal of tagops.js 4 months ago
  zx14 64a11153da Remove JS fallback for VN tags 4 months ago
  zx14 1c8077bfe8 JS-less tag visibility toggles 4 months ago
  alto 9f4b31ae6a Change Multi to use separate setting for db_login and to use UNIX socket for Postgres 4 months ago
  Yorhel 08a13ed84b VNEdit: Remove "import cast" functionality 4 months ago
  alto 128df7bfcd Add U+201C to search normalize removal 4 months ago
  Yorhel 6b1e8e2830 Ignore hidden-by-CSS NSFW images in next/prev in image viewer 4 months ago
  Yorhel 8de8e1f1d1 Code style: Keep the HTML structure explicit and indentation correct 4 months ago
  zx14 0687115f99 Add JS-less NSFW screenshot toggle 4 months ago
  alto c26cf6eded Fix titles with commas getting truncated in VN relation table 4 months ago
  Yorhel 29526b2b83 VNPage: Hide vote dropdown when nothing has been released yet 4 months ago
  Yorhel 95feae6a67 DB::Releases: Don't return duplicate releases in dbReleaseGet(vid => [...]) 4 months ago
  zx14 22b070a421 Add JS-less NSFW toggle 5 months ago
  Yorhel ca1117d0d6 Add curl to Dockerfile installation 5 months ago
  Yorhel 484ee71856 Handler::(Tags|Traits): Remember spoiler/filter settings when changing the other 5 months ago
  Yorhel a69d8c88c0 Add 960x640 resolution 5 months ago
  Yorhel 3754ea24d2 Fix release filter compatibility with multiple resolutions 5 months ago
  Yorhel bfb19401c3 Fix release filter compatibility handling on VN browser 5 months ago
  Yorhel 6bd0b0cd1f DB: Convert resolution into an enum 5 months ago
  Yorhel 815f9b1496 Lower the average vote requirement for tag spoilers a bit 5 months ago
  Yorhel 4e3081f530 Add default spoiler level to tags and use it in spoiler calculation 5 months ago
  Yorhel 706f447961 Add default spoiler level to traits and use it on character edit 5 months ago
  Yorhel 7ca7bb13c3 Add 1600x900 resolution 7 months ago
  Yorhel 900014f99d Also normalize Turkish ı in VN search 7 months ago
  Yorhel e56db50017 Some VN search normalization improvements 8 months ago
  Yorhel ae39170f9f Handler::Traits: Fix link in duplicate trait creation 8 months ago
  Yorhel 26f1c77ba1 CSS: Some minor fixes after font size increase 8 months ago
  Yorhel 14517ba2ca CSS: Increase font size a bit 9 months ago
  Yorhel 3071ea55b4 Add uncensored icon 9 months ago
  Yorhel e3a336aae0 Multi::API: Add "get characters instances" 9 months ago
  Yorhel 0c0007630f Add development DB dump, remove old devdb, convert README to markdown 9 months ago
  Yorhel b0f7086211 Add uncensored flag to release entries 10 months ago
  Yorhel 0a39d801c1 Add privacy policy page - happy GDPR day 10 months ago
  Yorhel 8802eac4f3 DB::Chars: Ignore spaces when matching original names 10 months ago
  Yorhel 700518267f Multi::APIDump: Fix boolifycation of "meta" in tags & traits dumps 10 months ago
  Yorhel a1171c294f API: Make username in login command case-insensitive 10 months ago
  Yorhel 1f0d541fea Docker: Update to Ubuntu Bionic + Postgres 10 !ACTION REQUIRED! 10 months ago
  Yorhel 7346cd7ce2 Handler::Chars: "Gender" -> "Sex" 11 months ago
  Yorhel 0f408b8379 Char edit: Display linked VNs even if VN & releases have been deleted 11 months ago
  Yorhel 3f857868b3 Add platform icons to VN screenshot listing 11 months ago
  Yorhel bf40dbdea1 Fix Docker init script for Mac + add some spacing around vndb-dev-server.pl output 1 year ago
  Yorhel 01a0776070 Handler::Tags: Remember sort option when changing spoilers in VN listing 1 year ago
  Yorhel 9dc08bc612 Allow decimal voting from /u+/votes 1 year ago
  Yorhel 0737a00485 d8 is back 1 year ago
  Yorhel 915f715111 Increase VN page staff/cast cutoff thing to 200px 1 year ago
  Yorhel 93b79ef9eb Store d+ pages in the DB as versioned entries + use markdown 1 year ago