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  Yorhel 00674a5828 doc: Remove incorrect statement about the lack of cli arguments 1 year ago
  Yorhel 56b84c9879 I knew I'd forget to update that versin string 1 year ago
  Yorhel 0a6c7b1322 Version 1.2 1 year ago
  Yorhel fc186723fc Rewrite directive argument parser and variable interpolation code 1 year ago
  Yorhel e659314a3a Add ChangeLog and release version 1.1 1 year ago
  Yorhel 45297a9097 Add -I command line flag 1 year ago
  Yorhel 005acbf1d2 Add some commandline options 1 year ago
  Yorhel 45c5ed1ded Add pre_warn directive 1 year ago
  Yorhel 673154ea45 Fix handling of types directive + add doc note for the lua module 1 year ago
  Yorhel 96a7a2160e Make this 1.0 + add some docs 1 year ago
  Yorhel 65dde6bfe6 Add pre_exec directive 1 year ago
  Yorhel 4599d27a0d Add capture support for pre_if regexes 1 year ago
  Yorhel 8f7ec93a6f Add regex matching operators to pre_if 1 year ago
  Yorhel cf82285043 Add file path tests to pre_if 1 year ago
  Yorhel 7f0525356f Add pre_if directive to mimic the if directive in nginx 1 year ago
  Yorhel 4760c5a4ce Add pre_set directive 1 year ago
  Yorhel f38177f9e3 Add pre_include maximum recursion depth 1 year ago
  Yorhel 19403d3aad Some reogranization 1 year ago
  Yorhel 564b68943f Add pre_include directive 1 year ago
  Yorhel 33a913c97d Do AST processing in IO the monad 1 year ago
  Yorhel c0d63c583f Add macro expansion 1 year ago
  Yorhel eb683aa0df Mostly untested first attempt at preprocessing 1 year ago
  Yorhel d6c6a50fc1 File re-org: Screw proper project organization, let's use a single file 1 year ago
  Yorhel 171981fa22 Add basic config parser & formatter 1 year ago
  Yorhel fa657a08ba Initial nothing 1 year ago