Source code of
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The Source Code

This repository holds the source code of For a description of the site, check out

Ironically, documentation about how things work is completely lacking.


  • perl: A somewhat recent version (no idea which, due to my XS usage)
  • postgresql: Also a somewhat recent version
  • rust + cargo (1.13+)

Web front-end

  • DBI
  • DBD::Pg
  • TUWF
  • JSON::XS
  • AnyEvent

Man page indexer

  • curl
  • psql

File structure

  • indexer/ -> The Rust program that scans package repositories for updates, fetches new packages and extracts the man pages.
  • lib/ManUtils/ -> Perl/XS helper module to format man pages into HTML (uses web/).
  • sql/ -> Database schema & updates.
  • util/ -> Cron job and scripts to run indexer/ on the right repositories.
  • web/ -> Badly named Rust library to convert man pages into HTML.
  • www/ -> The web front-end.