198 Commits (master)

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  Yorhel 0142896a96 Add CentOS 7.6 3 months ago
  Yorhel b36ff90c6e Fix invocation of groff 1.22.3 to pass on -P-c 4 months ago
  Yorhel 99628559ed Add Fedora 29 4 months ago
  Yorhel 19e07400b9 Add Ubuntu 18.10 5 months ago
  Yorhel 577e519e7d Fedora 26 is EOL 8 months ago
  Yorhel 617a76eeba Add CentOS 6.10 and FreeBSD 11.2 8 months ago
  Yorhel cfc656bf12 Convert README to markdown + update git URLs 9 months ago
  Yorhel 7bb4397f9b Add CentOS 7.5 + Fix Fedora 28 updates repo 9 months ago
  Yorhel 7aa89145ca indexer: Re-use memory buffer when reading RPM repo data 10 months ago
  Yorhel cec70a59c4 Merge branch 'master' of site 10 months ago
  Yorhel bb236c1f0e Add Ubuntu 18.04 + Fedora 28 10 months ago
  Yorhel 2c7bf1507a indexer: Update crates to latest version 1 year ago
  Yorhel 8487d37aad web: Updating Cargo deps + fixes for stable 1 year ago
  Yorhel 5480fc206e Link updates 1 year ago
  Yorhel b382189fb6 Hopefully properly fixed the weird system layout on home page 1 year ago
  Yorhel 8031a90989 Some improvements to the about text + link to the new Arch man pages 1 year ago
  Yorhel 035538f156 Add CentOS 1 year ago
  Yorhel b3e94e3d51 Stop syncing Ubuntu Zesty 1 year ago
  Yorhel b89c7625d5 Add FreeBSD 10.4 1 year ago
  Yorhel fd657824b3 Add database downloads 1 year ago
  Yorhel 6120b2fa5a Add Fedora 27 1 year ago
  Yorhel aedb1795c1 Favor more recent packages in man page selection 1 year ago
  Yorhel 2388aaefcc Stop syncing Fedora 24; Add FreeBSD 11.1 and Ubuntu 17.10 1 year ago
  Yorhel cb2d970d3a Add Fedora 26 + stop syncing old Ubuntu 1 year ago
  Yorhel 8aa0fc02a5 Add Debian Stretch 1 year ago
  Yorhel 72cb1ff184 Add Ubuntu 17.04 1 year ago
  Yorhel 34e8ee8603 Add link to Debian man pages 2 years ago
  Yorhel 8e5fa1e165 www: Include .so mans if found in the same package 2 years ago
  Yorhel 81e2c99503 Friendlier pagination on package listings 2 years ago
  Yorhel bb46087068 Add Fedora 1 - 25 2 years ago
  Yorhel 06694fd131 Style changes 2 years ago
  Yorhel 8235fb28b8 indexer: Fix link resolution and hardlink handling for rpm 2 years ago
  Yorhel 608f79eb93 indexer: Add support for indexing RPM repositories 2 years ago
  Yorhel f77db5f541 indexer: Add bare RPM directory indexing 2 years ago
  Yorhel d720441fb4 indexer: Rust crate updates 2 years ago
  Yorhel 1923b9901d Support bold+italic in HTML conversion 2 years ago
  Yorhel 746889851c A few more HTML conversion improvements 2 years ago
  Yorhel 1ccc86ce86 Whole bunch of HTML conversion improvements 2 years ago
  Yorhel 6114b17389 Experimental rewrite of grotty to html conversion in Rust 2 years ago
  Yorhel 8a3af4aee2 util/freebsd.sh: Fix copy-paste error in package dates 2 years ago
  Yorhel 8d6e7bc2d8 indexer: Prioritize 7bit encodings when decoding man pages 2 years ago
  Yorhel eac4b6ac77 Dont index ELF binaries + remove some non-man-pages 2 years ago
  Yorhel d153004532 indexer: Support FreeBSD 9.3+; remove now obsolete add_index.pl 2 years ago
  Yorhel b9764fce4a indexer: Remove openssl + replace siphash with sha1 in cache filename 2 years ago
  Yorhel defaa032f8 indexer: Support for indexing FreeBSD <9.3 repositories 2 years ago
  Yorhel 1ca0cd4325 Indexer: Remove pointless check 2 years ago
  Yorhel b79ecfb284 indexer: Fix bug in Contents file parsing + decrease cron verbosity 2 years ago
  Yorhel eb15b6e2c7 indexer: Improve Debian Contents file parsing performance by 5.2x 2 years ago
  Yorhel de28175cd3 Misc. indexing fixes 2 years ago
  Yorhel 46a6e2ff7c Use Rust indexer for Ubuntu + script cleanup 2 years ago