Backup repository for Odysseus's recommended links dataset & the scripts around it.
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A place to start your browsing. Feel free fork this project to add links to the page snippets, or suggest those links in the issues for us to mess with the code.

Why is This Important?

The elementary OS HIG states that if an app has no content to show the user, it should provide them with actions to take in order to populate it with some content.

For Odysseus this means when it first starts it must recommend some sites for users to visit, as that’s how they populate content into their browser. And because I’m recommending lots of sites, rather than a handful of actions, it is appropriate for Odysseus to redesign it’s welcome screen rather than use elementary’s standard one.


The whole aim of the sidebar which navigates on hover and simple iconic displays is to avoid overwhelming the reader with my large collection. The former significantly reduces the number of links onscreen, and the latter avoids much visual noise in these links.

However I am well aware that other designs may satisfy these goals better and I’m planning something better with a topsites display.


For clarity to myself and anyone else, I distinguish between these two terms:

Links I like and recommend to a group.
Links suggested by an algorithm specifically to you.

This site is for recommendations.